Liz Fisher
Graduate Student
    As a graduate student in the Bhat lab, I am interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms that underlie neuron-glial interactions and how they contribute to neural development. My work specifically focuses on this type of interaction in the midline of Drosophila. These interactions establish the neuron-glial scaffold and stabilize the glial cells during development and allow for proper ensheathment of the commissural axons. Hopefully I will be able to identify more key players within the developing midline which are critical for neuron-glial interactions and nervous system development.


Banerjee, S., Paik, R., Mino, R.E., Blauth, K., Fisher, E.S., Madden, V., Fanning, A. S., and Bhat, M.A. (2011). A Laminin G-EGF-Laminin G (LEL) Module in Drosophila Neurexin IV is Essential for the Apico-lateral Localization of Contactin and Organization of Septate Junctions. PLos ONE 6, e25926 (1-14).